• Hardchromplating


    Hardchromplating and grinding of cylindrical parts

  • Anodizing


    Modern technology, best quality and cheap price

  • Cat repairing

    Cat repairing

    for almost all cars and vans/pickups with Otto –and Diesel engines


Modern technology, best quality and cheap price

The offered by us in February 2012 Anodizing method is a method of surface finishing to generate a protective and decorative layer on aluminum.

Advantages of an anodized coating:

  • corrosion protection
  • abrasion resistance and stability (strongeloxal)
  • no flaking despite thin later (5 to 30 µm)
  • ease of maintenance (Trace of fingerprints on the layer is not visible)
  • elegant, decorative look
  • available in many different colors
  • environmentally produced in the immersion process

We can parts up to a size of 1100mm * 900mm (3rd dimension on request) anodize (no drums). At the start of production, we offer natural and blackeloxal. With the expansion of the production we are additional order volume colours included in the program. On Request we make for you sample parts.

We need for a quote the following information:

  • nature or color
  • mechanical drawing
  • number of pieces
  • delivery cycles
  • material
  • visible surfaces
  • nips
  • fits

Anfragen beantworten wir unter folgender
E-Mail: motepa-elox@motepa.de

The production started on February 1, 2012 in our new plant on Eckartsberger Str. 62d in 02763 Zittau.

Contact person:

Mr. Grossmann (Werkleiter) | Telefon: 03583/54 07 98

Mr. Thomas Worm (Produktionsleiter Elox) | Telefon: 03583/58 57 623