CAT broken? The MOTEPA catalyst clinic helps!

Cat-repair by professionals!

Before repairing

Outside you can`t see any damage.
The catalyst will professionally separated.
The housing remains intact.
The catalytic is emptied and cleaned.

A new metal monolith will be install. This monolith has the same dimensions like the manufacturer dimensions.

The monolith consists of 2 metal bands. They are roll in unison and coat with platinum, rhodium and palladium.

The new monolith is implant in housing.
The elements are weld together again using TIG technology.
This is the end of the cat repair-the cat is the same like original.

Catalytic clinic

All around the cat…
The cat repairing system is a modern technology to save cost and valuable raw material.


  • Environmentally friendly-there is less waste material
  • less cost due to repair
  • short delivery time by repair (24 hours)
  • qualitative end product
  • the metal monolith can customized
  • for all brands of cars available (400-, 200-, 100 cpsi)
  • inexpensive product ( price on request)

Sport catalytic

For sports cars we offer a low coat and high quality solution, it based also on reprocessing

You can choose between 100 and 200 cpsi monolith.

100cpsi is only for race cars, you lost the license for public roads!

For further information you can contact:
Mr. Lutz Grossmann (Werkleiter) | Telefon: +49 (0) 3583/54 07 98

Cat repairing

In license of

Available for almost all cars and vans/pickups with Otto –and Diesel engines.
Price on request.

price inquiry

For further information you can contact:

Mr. Grossmann: Tel. +49 (0) 35 83/ 54 07 98

Please download the cat repair order » cat repair order for a binding order
Please enclose the completed page with your shipment.
For paying and times please refer to our information sheet » information sheet.

CAT broken? The MOTEPA catalyst clinic helps!