Matt hard chromium – Plating

The special surface protection against wear and corrosion.

The basis for matt hard chromium is established by blasting the parts, in order to obtain various roughness depths.

The matt hard chromium surface with its defined roughness depth is utilised in a wide range of industrial sectors. The printing industry uses feed rollers with structured hard chromium surfaces, in order to improve the intake behaviour (grip) of the paper. The textile industry utilises this surface for “seamless” fabric and material transport. The rollers of vehicle test benches are also structured hard chromium plated.

Technical specifications:

  • Hardness 900 ±50 HV 0,1
  • Thikness 0,01-0,002 depend on material
  • Ra 1.6Industrially polished Ramin >0,1 μm
  • Pre-ground Rz 1.6

Max. dimensions:

  • Ø 300 x 2200 mm
  • Ø 40 x 6500 mm

Dimension of bathes:

  • 3000* 800 x 2500 mm


  • max. 1000 kg

For information you can contact:
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